At Hong Van Builders, we feel that every building is individual. We bring personality and life to it through our thoughtful designs, our expert builds, our specialist consultations with our clients and our quality and innovative finishes. To us, free-thinking is the hallmark of a great design. Established in 1989, Hong Van Builders is a family owned business of domestic and commercial design and construction, operating throughout Melbourne.

At Hong Van Builders, we are experts and artisans at building luxury new homes, multi-unit residential developments, and quality extensions and renovations. We also have an in-house team that manufacture windows, doors and cabinetry, and we offer a specialised service in interior design which is a newly created division in our business to provide designer commercial applications.

Founded by Bill Chung, a registered Building Practitioner by the Victorian Building Authority, with membership across both Masters Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV) and the Housing Industry Association (HIA), Bill is proud to have his children Vico Chung as Executive Manager, Kiet Chung as Project Manager and Angela Chung as Financial Controller, to take Hong Van Builders to the next generation.

The Chung family has a strong philosophy that is instilled into all staff: keep the client at the centre of the design and building process. Our philosophy means that we listen, communicate and connect with our client at every stage of the project process and we uphold a high standard of quality, care and precision to ensure complete client satisfaction. It’s not only the delight in our clients’ faces that we see, but we too are truly proud of how each and every one of our projects come to life.

Our business has been built through word-of-mouth since the late 80s, thanks to so many of our wonderful clients. We are also grateful that we have a team that has a strong belief in respect for our clients, an ability to offer excellence in customer service, and an unrivalled ability to always build and design to the highest calibre.

We are a dynamic team at Hong Van Builders, constantly looking for new and improved ways to provide an even better service to our clients, looking at advanced building techniques as well as the latest in interior design and materials, because we believe that exceeding our clients’ expectations is the key to everyone’s success.

We are proud of our highly experienced management team, as they are well trained in helping a client through the building processes from conception to completion. They are dedicated to the client’s needs and understand that sometimes there are the need for changes through the project process. No matter what, our Project Managers are always happy to help.