Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

Bill Chung
Bill ChungDirector
• Registered Building Practitioner with Victorian Building Authority
• Domestic Builder Unlimited – License# DB-U 4909
• Commercial Builder Unlimited – License# CB-U 5714

Bill Chung has gained great acclaim for constructing quality homes and commercial properties with Hong Van Builders since 1996. He founded and has grown Hong Van Builders to the respectable success it is today with his hands-on approach, transparent and exceptional work ethic and extensive knowledge within the construction industry.

Bill began his building career as a highly skilled bricklayer. Through diligent studies and hard work, Bill obtained his building qualifications to establish Hong Van Builders. With decades of expertise under his belt, Bill proudly commits to exceptional quality, and ensures that all his staff, contractors and materials are maintained at the highest level of craftsmanship. Bill has built Hong Van Builders to provide an immense portfolio of diverse building projects: consisting of renovations and home extensions, shop and restaurant refurbishments, luxury homes and mansions, commercial factories and multi-unit projects. Under his leadership, Hong Van Builders complete numerous high-quality major projects each year.

To further strengthen the already expanding family business, his children Vico, Kiet and Angela, who have each collectively developed their building and trades knowledge, have joined forces to further uphold the company’s reputable standards and accelerate the growing business.

Bill is humble and a highly respected professional within the Chinese and Vietnamese communities. He always has his clients at the heart of his business, ensuring that his standard of excellence exceeds their expectations. Bill is tri-lingual, and can speak and write Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Vietnamese and English fluently.

Bill is a very proud and loving husband, father and grandfather. He has a passion for soccer, Chinese Chess, and enjoys swimming, walking, travelling and being with his family.

Vico Chung
Vico ChungExecutive Manager
Vico Chung is a man of many talents. Vico has been in the construction and building industry since 2003, and has helped manage the team at Hong Van Builders since 2006. He has a vision to expand Hong Van Builders into becoming a trusted recognised leader in small to medium size construction and development throughout Melbourne. Through his guidance and involvement, he has expanded the business from 7 to over 15 major projects on average each year, with projects in both the domestic and commercial sectors, with prospects to continue Hong Van’s growth.

Vico is passionate about leading and delivering quality, on-time, on-budget and exceptional outcomes on all projects. He is an excellent motivator and communicator with proven ability to influence.

Through adhering to the same philosophy as his father, always putting the client at the heart of the project, Vico is held in top regard with both new and return clients. As Executive Manager, he is faced with challenges every day, and he resolves the issues by focusing on what the best solution is for the client, while supporting his trades and suppliers. Vico finds that face-to-face contact with his clients adds to his professionalism, which he finds is becoming a rare aspect to current business practices.

Vico is honest and direct in his communications, setting expectations upfront, earning him accolades in respect and reputation. He has recently launched the in-house fit-out division company, iDesign Supply Group, to infiltrate into the commercial fit-out sector. He is hard-working and dedicated to all that he sets his mind to, making him a much-valued and indispensable team member at Hong Van Builders.

Vico is tri-lingual, speaking and writing fluently in Chinese, Vietnamese and English, has fantastic connections in the building industry and is continuously growing his network to further his career development in the industry.

Vico is a proud father of two sons, Dylan and Ethan, and a loving husband to his wife Hanh. He is a dedicated family man and is supported in everything he does. He coaches his sons in soccer and golf, his own two passions, and loves taking his family on holidays and seeing the world so that he can broaden his own, as well as his sons’, horizons.

Our Valuable Team Members

Kiet Chung
Kiet ChungProject Manager
• Bachelor of Technology Degree in Building Surveying
• Advanced Diploma in Building Surveying
• Certificate IV in Building and Construction
• Diploma in Building Surveying

Kiet is an influential and valued member of the Hong Van Builders team with his long list of qualifications and experience in building, construction and surveying.

He brings to the team, comprehensive knowledge gained through his qualifications and hands-on experience, extended from his service in the public and private sectors of the building industry. Kiet’s has previously worked within a local council’s Building Department, responsible for inspections and issuing permits, and then in building surveying at a private firm.

Since 2009, Kiet has dedicated his building career to working for Hong Van Builders as their Project Manager. He successfully co-ordinates every phase of the building process by consulting with their client, obtaining building permits, communicates all progession and completion of each project and undertakes all mandatory and quality inspections to obtain occupancy certificates. His professional approach liaising with client and contractors, as well as his hands-on experience in various trades, which including tiling, framing, joinery, flooring and glazing, sees Kiet as an instrumental contributor to the success of Hong Van Builders.

Kiet has a strong work ethic that is part of the family trade. He is dedicated to building only a high quality project for his clients, has tremendous attention to detail, and in turn he gains exceptional customer satisfaction for his high calibre projects.

Kiet is a dedicated father and husband, and enjoys seeing his family grow.

Angela Chung
Angela ChungFinancial Controller
• Bachelor of Business Accounting

Angela is the Financial Controller at Hong Van Builders, and has extensive business and accounting knowledge attained from both her Bachelor of Business Accounting degree, and her demonstrative professional experience. Angela’s strong commitment to the family business has seen her actively involved since 2003. She has an expert understanding of the building industry’s accounting needs.

Angela has an open minded approach to development from all facets and has a vast attention to detail. Through her skilful ability to apply suitable principles across all levels of building contract costings and decision making, every project is transparently detailed to our clients’ satisfaction. Her honesty and integrity is commendable, ensuring all contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and clients thoroughly understand and comply with the business’ fair trading terms. Through this, Angela has maintained excellent long term relationships with clients and suppliers, as she believes these attributes are key to good business. Angela’s professionalism is second to none.

Angela is married and a proud mother to two beautiful children. She loves listening to music, enjoys ballroom dancing, travelling and watching tennis.